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March 2021

Hope you are really well and looking forward to Spring.
Here is a quick hello from all of us at Suedey


To help support us until we are able to welcome you back to the salon, you can buy a Suedey Credit Voucher*, which can be redeemed at your next appointment. 
These can also be used to buy our hair products or would make a perfect gift for someone. And with every voucher purchased, you will receive a surprise gift on your next visit! There's also a 10% discount on all hair products with a Suedey Credit Voucher of £100 and above.

Listen to our latest salon playlists on this link. If you'd prefer an actual CD, just let us know where you'd like us to send it.

Remember we have root rescue kits available if you need to colour your hair at home until we open again and welcome you back to the salon.

Love from The Suedey Team

Mark, Naoko, Mami, Tatyana and Robert


*Vouchers are available at £25, £50, £75 and £100. Or if you’re unsure of what to spend, just buy your haircut at its usual price. Your Suedey Credit Voucher will be stored on file at the salon until you're ready to use it. Credit Vouchers can be used for any of the services we offer and can also be used in conjunction with any others currently available. They also have no expiry date.

Please note: Credit Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash amounts; any change will be given in the form of credit for you to use at the salon.

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