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Please yourself
February 2022

It's February and Suedey's in the Mood for Love. Finally, it feels like London is returning to the vibrant city we all know and adore.  People are swarming back to work, social and cultural life (and if you haven't been in for a while, we'd love to see your face too). So, it's time we all get our self-love on. Not just for couples, self-love is about what makes you look and feel good. 


Starting with the salon, we've looked at every area where we need to love ourselves more: Naoko is giving herself the gift of Mondays off and we've overhauled our treatment list to give some sexy new services and updated prices. 

We're also celebrating our own unique strengths. Senior stylist Mami attended Wella's Colour Craft and Ultimate Balayage course, investing in hers (and yours) next level colour. Creative Director Mark won best Christmas window nationwide with Davines UK ( our new service Deep Definition gives Tatyana a chance to showcase her dazzling colouring skills. 
A mix of cool and warm tones Deep Definition delivers a clean, defined hairline and enhanced contour and depth. Great for anyone not quite ready to go fully grey, but also those who just want an injection of instant youth.

A little note on our price increases; we're a close team, so if you want the Suedey look but price point is important to you, feel free to change stylists. We also collaborate so you can have colour with one stylist and cut with another. Feel free to mix and match. Whatever works for you works for us. 

Self-love is also about feeling comfortable, so we're still wearing masks as a courtesy to our clients. Wear one or not, as suits you. 

We're looking to getting back to giving you lasting, flattering looks and thoughtful touches you can expect at Suedey. 


That's why we're worth it; and so are you. 


Mark, Naoko, Mami, Tatyana and Robert

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