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September 2021

We hope you enjoyed the glorious late Summer. Believe it not, we are now taking bookings for Christmas! Our talented team offers a wide range of skills and you can choose one stylist for your colour and another for your cut. Our colourist Tatyana has just five slots left on Sundays in December. However, we will all do some additional days throughout the month to ensure you get an appointment to have your hair looking seasonally great.

We are really excited about our brand new website, which should be up and running by the New Year. Look out for our photoshoots on Instagram.


Mark will also be introducing a brand new service - Blonde Beauty Flash, a crown of milky blonde highlights to brighten any complexion. And Tatyana will introduce Airtouch - a clever highlighting technique for those wanting effortless glamour without the regular salon visits.


We suggest booking your December appointment and working backwards to November or October, if you are visiting more than once. The salon will be closed for filming Sat 9th October until Tue 12th.


Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Mark, Naoko, Mami, Tatyana and Robert.

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