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Bringing sexy back
June 2020

Dear friends and valuable clients...
So, that was intense right?! 

We've missed you these last few months and we think maybe you've felt the same.  Perhaps it's the calls, emails, carrier pigeons, morse code tapped out on the pipes and multiple what's app messages that gave us a clue. So, let's get this party started. 


As you know, making you look and feel great is our raison d’etre. But to sit back and enjoy the primping we know you also need to feel safe. 


Don't worry; we’ve got you. Here's a rundown of our new protocol: 

The salon

Distancing - Our chairs are now spaced almost 3 meters apart and we've added personal privacy screen between to shampoo stations (also shields the gossip so spill).

Hygiene - UV sterilisation, Barbicide, All staff have acquired hygiene certifications.

Some of squidgy treats are temporarily locked away due covid guidelines so - no magazines, no hot water battles, no drinks (but you can bring your own) and no cocooning extra towels. We’re hoping as its summer you won't this miss too much, and hope to reintroduce them come autumn.


Space Out - 15 minutes between appointments to clean and sterilise each bay. So please, let's look after each by being on time so we ensure each client gets that space. Warning: If you are late, it may mean we’ll have to nick your heavenly head massage to make up time. And nobody wants that.


Virtual Consultations - We’ve all gone a bit lockdown feral, so if you feel you need a rethink, restyle or to be captured by London zoo, we are offering online Zoom consultations so we can give you the best service possible. It stops us eating into your styling time when you are in the chair


Solo Styling - Government guidelines do not allow a waiting room so please don't bring anyone to your appointment. This must include children too; if your child has an appointment you can wait in garden or patio but we cannot unaccompanied children during your appointment.

Breakfast (and night) Club - We are staggering our shifts so we, and you, don’t have to travel at peak times. Doors now open at 8am til 8pm. Your preferred stylist will be adhering to set hours within that time, so contact us to see what suits.


Personal Space


Special Slots - we’ve have been rigorous (and gone beyond) in our adherence to health and safety guidelines, but for anyone who still feels that they want home or out of hours appointments we will accommodate. Obviously, this is a premium service and the cost will reflect this. For more details simply ask.

PPE - If you don’t have a mask of your own, we can provide you with one. We provide as much hand sanitizer to cleanse and cream to nourish as you desire plus complimentary Polythene gloves, should you prefer, that allow you to move around the salon touching surfaces with abandon!

We wear mouth covering, face visor when shampooing and change all gloves, towels and gowns between each client.

Going Cashless - We are doing contactless payments this now includes Apple Pay. If you want to do PayPal, please pay minimum 24 hours in advance. 

We hope this reassures you that you can come back and enjoy your usual beautifying in the same comfort as ever. 


We can't wait to see you. 

Mark and The Suedey Team x

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